PALMER, MA October 2015.  Sanderson MacLeod furthered their LEAN Journey recently by hosting two custom designed “LEAN 101” training sessions.  On October 20th and October 21st,  LEAN 101 classes were held on-site at the Sanderson MacLeod manufacturing facility for a combined total of 26 participants.  In addition to Sanderson MacLeod personnel, employees from 5 other companies were in attendance.  The 4 hour training courses combined theoretical and hands on exercises that clearly demonstrated the value of LEAN manufacturing.

“We began our LEAN Journey back in 2009,” said Sanderson MacLeod’s Continuous Improvement Engineer Brian Chechile. “Mandating that all of our employee’s go through LEAN 101 training prior to working on the production floor not only demonstrates how seriously we take our commitment to LEAN, but greatly enhances their ability to understand our culture and quickly become part of our waste reduction team. No question, this training is a huge commitment…but the results speak for themselves.”

One of Sanderson MacLeod’s greatest strengths is their long term and continuous dedication to LEAN manufacturing. Focused on the systematic identification, prioritization and elimination of wasteful processes and practices, LEAN manufacturing allows Sanderson Macleod to produce twisted wire brushes more efficiently and effectively. Enhanced inventory control systems, optimized product use identification, and production optimization saves their customers money in innovative ways. Sanderson MacLeod has been widely recognized as a LEAN manufacturer, a designation that has contributed to awards like Business of the Year, Employer of Choice, Super 60 for Growth and the coveted Cordes Innovation Excellence Award.

About Sanderson MacLeod, Inc.
Sanderson MacLeod’s 100+ employees come to work every day committed to being the best twisted wire brush company in the world. That’s why so many major corporations have classified Sanderson MacLeod as “dock to stock” and named the company “supplier of the year.” Sanderson MacLeod works diligently to be become a trusted partner in the development and sale of twisted wire brush products, saving customers money through customized inventory management programs and manufacturer direct pricing. Sanderson MacLeod continuously seeks to make their customers more competitive with confidential design assistance and innovative new product development.

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