Sanderson MacLoed has introduced customized inventory control programs into its manufacturing process of wholesale brushes by combining customer inventory and internal supplier pull systems.

Sanderson MacLeod, which specializes in twisted wire brushes, is now able to analyze a customer’s current demand for twisted wire brush parts and implement a formal “pull system”. The company looks at past order history, anticipates possible demand spikes and works with customers to ensure that they only carry the minimum amount of inventory needed to satisfy demand. According to Mark N. Borsari, President of Sanderson MacLeod, “This LEAN manufacturing process creates a sense of teamwork with customers and eliminates the need for either company to risk carrying excess inventory or being unable to adequately support the end user.” Sanderson MacLeod has worked proactively with individual customers involved in the LEAN journey to cooperatively develop this ability to optimize the practice for each situation.

Similarly, Sanderson MacLeod’s internal pull systems have transformed suppliers into true partners with the ability to give suppliers accurate annual forecasts and reduce the possibility of being out of materials when needed. Vendors are held to strict performance expectations, and are tightly monitored to ensure they maintain a 100% on time delivery record. As a result, Sanderson MacLeod is able to quickly adjust to market demand changes for whole sale brushes and minimize exposure to raw material pricing. This is a benefit to customers by reducing product pricing changes and facilitating predictable and minimal pricing adjustments.