[Featured Video] HeliXwing Conference Table Project

Bruce Rosenbaum of Modvic has never been known to pursue ordinary projects. In August 2018, his latest innovative venture was installed at its final location: The Brush Innovation Center (BIC) of Sanderson MacLeod Inc. Envisioned to be a fusion of Sanderson’s industrial past, innovative present, and groundbreaking future, Rosenbaum created a one-of-a-kind conference table to […]

[Press Release] Sanderson MacLeod Awaits Completion of Rosie II Stylet Machine

Sanderson MacLeod To Institute Second Revolutionary Guidewire and Stylet Production Line Sanderson MacLeod set to install production line by December, 2018. Rosie II name inspired by longtime operator who walked seven miles a day at her station. Sanderson MacLeod is the world leader in OEM precision guidewires and stylets for the medical and industrial markets. […]