We’re the Most Passionate Twisted Wire Brush Experts You’ll Find… or Want To.

The team at Sanderson MacLeod thrives on being the ultimate specialized, spirited and trusted source for your mission-critical twisted wire brushes. We creatively find ways to deliver profit maximizing brush solutions for each and every client.

From breakthrough brush innovation projects to supply chain integration, we’re all about leveraging our experience to produce perfect twisted wire brushes for even the most challenging needs.

Not only working hard…
working smart

Work with Sanderson MacLeod once, and you’ll soon realize you’ve tapped into a proven and efficient system of processes designed to deliver consistent, outstanding twisted wire brush results every time. Whether it’s product development, production efficiency or streamlined supply integration you seek, let Sanderson MacLeod’s experienced team get you where you need to go faster than anywhere else.

Breakthrough Innovation

Facilities, tools, techniques, and talent ready to make your concept a reality.

Automation Without Constraints

Engineering and machine building advancement for an extra competitive edge.

More When…Less How Many

Cost-saving inventory reduction, supply integration, and scalable production programs.

Industries We Serve

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