This is different…This is the BIC

About the facility: 

The state of the art facility is the ideal solution for bringing a concept to reality and dramatically reducing the traditional time frame of brush development. Those utilizing the facility can collaborate directly with our seasoned engineers and communicate with innovation teams worldwide utilizing video conferencing shown on large screens in HD format.

Dedicated sampling equipment is easily accessible in the next room where a finished product can be created in real time. With an engineer and the Sanderson MacLeod staff available at any time, no question is left unanswered. Revisions and changes can be made to the brushes right then and there. Once complete, a blueprint and quality control documentation will be ready for when production begins, therefore achieving “go to market” confidence faster than ever before.

Rapid development…With proven tools

3D CAD Design

SanMac 3D

Real Time Brush Development using SanMac3D

Utilizing software used by major motion picture animators, SanMac 3D produces realistic renderings of design prototypes that are easily modified. Less expensive and faster than traditional sampling methods, SanMac 3D’s virtual twisted wire brush designs provide 360° visibility and industrialization feasibility testing prior to prototype build outs…maximizing design creativity while saving time, money and unnecessary delays. Such technology, combined with Sanderson MacLeod’s nearly 60 years of brush making experience, guarantee your brush development project is completed quickly, on budget and ready for large scale production.

Amenities of the BIC include a fully functional brush manufacturing machines visible through large sliding glass doors. Sanderson’s engineering staff with over 30 years of industry experience are experts in helping design Medical, Cosmetic, Gun Care, and General Cleaning brushes utilizing high tech software and equipment.


Consumer Testing

FDA Certified Quality Inpection


Due to high demand for the facility, expansion is planned in 2018 that will include additional meeting space, dining facilities, Quality Control validation stations and rapid prototype printing.

There’s nothing else like the Brush Innovation Center. Period.

Sanderson MacLeod continues to explore and push past the boundaries of traditional brush making by becoming a solution provider in the brush marketplace. When we say we can work with you from idea to inventory optimization, we mean it. Contact us today to schedule a visit to the BIC.


We are ready to help you with your brush innovation and supply.