When lives hang in the balance, the quality of your gun cleaning brush should be the last thing you worry about. You know keeping your firearm clean is critical to its ability to function properly when you need it most. Poor prior cleaning or a brush not up to the task at hand in the field jeopardize your safety and those you’ve chosen to protect.

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Finally, An American Gun Brush Supplier Worthy of Your Brand

As users, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of those who use firearms in their line of work and recreationally, the importance of gun maintenance hits close to home.

It’s why we refuse to compromise on the materials, methods, and designs we put into each and every one of our gun brushes. Sanderson’s dedication and unwavering commitment to producing parts worthy of our nation’s greatest heroes are the reason we’ve long been the preferred source of domestically-produced gun brushes for some of the world’s largest brands.  

Domestically Produced: Twisted Wire Firearm Cleaning Brushes Made in the USA

All firearm cleaning brushes are available in nylon, phosphor bronze, stainless steel and cotton swabs.

Nylon cleaning brushes are ideal for lighter cleaning jobs. Durable nylon fiber gently and safely removes residue from barrels and will not break down in commercially available cleaning solutions.

Phosphor bronze brushes are excellent for moderate general-purpose cleaning. Abrasive, yet gentle on the finish, phosphor bronze brushes quickly and effectively remove performance-impeding residue.

Stainless steel rifle cleaning brushes are used for the toughest cleaning jobs. Ideal for removing caked-on powder residue and burn marks, our stainless steel brushes are available in multiple fiber diameters and sizes.

Made from 100-percent cotton for maximum absorbency, our cotton swabs are ideal for removing any cleaning solution after cleaning. Custom swab designs include colored cotton, combination swab/brush, and step-trimmed models.


The Importance of Proper Gun Cleaning

Firearm users know that keeping a firearm clean is a critical responsibility and is often compared to the importance of properly maintaining a vehicle. The number one reason for maintaining a clean firearm is safety. A firearm that is not regularly cleaned is prone to all sorts of safety issues including slam-firing, or the premature, unintended discharge of a gun that happens as a round is being loaded into the chamber. In the same way that vehicles require regular upkeep, firearms must be cleaned to stay in safe working condition and be free from damage.

Deposits from the rounds fired, as well as carbon buildup from the charge, are left behind in a gun’s barrel, requiring a regular cleaning regimen to optimize use as well as extend the life of the barrel. A firearm cleaning kit typically contains all of the items necessary for good gun cleaning, and an important component of any gun cleaning kit is the brush. It should be of high quality, maintain its physical characteristics during use, and clean the barrel without causing excessive wear.


Large-Volume, Factory-Direct Firearm Cleaning Brushes

Many of the world’s largest firearm companies choose Sanderson MacLeod as their twisted wire firearm cleaning brush source. Our product line includes rifle, pistol and shotgun cleaning brushes, and cotton gun swabs.

Sanderson MacLeod produces firearm cleaning brushes that are distributed exclusively in large volumes to consumers, OEMs and firearm companies. As a large-volume manufacturer, we don’t sell directly to the public. This business model has allowed firearm companies unparalleled access to the highest-quality brushes at the most competitive prices. Our dock-to-stock capabilities ensure rapid production, order fulfillment, and delivery directly into inventory without the need and expense associated with inspection and validation.


Gun Cleaning Brushes

Many of the world’s largest firearm companies choose Sanderson MacLeod as their gun cleaning brush source. Our product line includes rifle, pistol and shotgun cleaning brushes, and cotton gun swabs.  Quantities start at 500 units and range to millions of units.

Phosphor Bronze – Rifle Bore Brushes

Caliber Image Overall Length (inches) Diameter (inches)
.17 – .20 2.310 0.212
.22/.223/5.56 3.060 0.235
.243/6mm 3.060 0.265
.255/6.5mm 3.060 0.280
.270/7mm 3.060 0.297
.30/.308/7.62 3.060 0.325
.338/.35/9mm 3.060 0.375
.44/.45/410 3.060 0475
.50 3.060 0.532
.50 (BP) 2.935 0.517

Phosphor Bronze – Pistol Bore Brushes

Caliber Image Overall Length (Inches) Diameter (Inches)
.22 2.310 0.235
.38/357/9mm 2.310 0.384
.40/41/10mm 2.310 0.430
.44/.45 2.310 0.475

Phosphor Bronze – Shotgun Bore Brushes

Caliber Image Overall Length (inches) Diameter (inches)
10 GA 2.935 0.840
12 GA 2.935 0.795
16 GA 2.935 0.730
20 GA 2.935 0.680

Nylon – Rifle Bore Brushes

Caliber Image Overall Length (inches) Diameter (inches)
.17 – .20 2.875 0.204
.22/223/5.56 2.875 0.245
.236/6mm 2.875 0.267
.255/6.5mm 2.875 0.288
.270/7mm 2.875 0.305
.30/.308/7.62 2.875 0.335
.338 2.875 0.372
.44/45/410 2.875 0.467
.50 2.875 0.532

Nylon – Pistol Bore Brushes

Caliber Image Length (inches) Diameter (inches)
.22 2.060 0.245
.38/357/9mm 2.060 0.408
.40/.41/10mm 2.060 0.430
.44/.45 2.060 0.485

Nylon – Shotgun Bore Brushes

Caliber Image Overall Length (inches) Diameter (inches)
10 GA 2.060 0.840
12 GA 2.060 0.805

Swab – Rifle/Pistol Bore

Caliber Image Overall Length (inches) Diameter (Inches)
.17 – .20 2.875 0.250
.22/223/5.56 2.875 0.290
Pistol: .357,.38, 9mm Rifle: .30, .308, 7.62, 9mm 2.875 0.410
.40/41/44/45/410 2.875 0.530

Swab – Shotgun Bore

Caliber Image Overall Length (inches) Diameter (inches)
10/12 GA 2.875 0.982
20 GA 2.875 0.645

Nylon/Swab – Mag Brush

Caliber Image Overall Length (inches) Diameter (inches)
Handguns:22/25/9mm Rifles: 22/25/380/9mm 10.125 0.500
9mm/10mm/.40/.45 caliber firearms 9.75 0.780
45 ACP/.40/10mm 10.185 0.650
AR15/M16/AK47 7.5 0.800
9mm SWAB 7.5 0.700

In-House Twisted Wire Brush Scientific Research and Design Capabilities

Advances in technology, automation, and computer-aided design and manufacturing have helped propel Sanderson MacLeod’s ability to deliver world-class products to our OEM customers. But being a world leader means constantly striving to do things better. That’s why we are proud to have dedicated a part of our plant to research and science.

In our one-of-a-kind laboratory, customers can work directly with Sanderson MacLeod’s design engineers on current and future brush designs. Those designs can then be rapidly put into production to help meet customers’ needs.

Rapid Virtual Prototyping with SanMac 3D
We turned to the software used by major motion picture animators to allow us to produce realistic renderings of design prototypes that can be easily modified. The SanMac 3D software is less expensive and faster than traditional sampling methods, letting us create virtual twisted wire brush designs that offer 360-degree visibility and industrialization feasibility testing prior to prototype build-outs. By using this method, we maximize design creativity while saving time, money, and unnecessary delays. This technology, combined with 60 years of experience and expertise, guarantees that development is quick, on budget, and ready for large-scale production.

The Sanderson MacLeod Difference

Sanderson MacLeod’s approximately 100 employees come to work every day committed to making the company the best twisted wire brush company in the world. That’s why so many major corporations have classified Sanderson MacLeod as “dock to stock” (eliminating incoming quality inspection) and have named the company “supplier of the year.” We work diligently to be not just a supplier, but also a trusted partner in the design, development, and sale of twisted wire brush products, saving customers money through customized inventory management and large-volume discounts.

A LEAN Manufacturing Company
One of the most compelling aspects of Sanderson MacLeod’s business is our dedication to LEAN Manufacturing. This philosophy allows us to produce twisted wire brushes more efficiently and effectively. Enhanced inventory control systems, product use analysis, and on-floor production optimization save our customers money in innovative ways. Sanderson MacLeod has been widely recognized as a LEAN Manufacturer, leading to awards such as Business of the Year, Employer of Choice, the Super 60 Award, and the coveted ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award.

Quality is paramount. Our FDA-compliant quality control department uses the latest metrology equipment, including the Nikon I NEXIV Vision system, which lets us conduct fast, accurate measurements on first-piece, in-process, and finished-good parts. Our quality control program also includes video-edge detection and automated statistical process control documentation to ensure fast, accurate, and demonstrably superior inspection capabilities.

Design Breakthroughs: Sanderson MacLeod’s Efforts in Perfecting Gun Cleaning Brushes

The twisted wire brush designers and engineers at Sanderson MacLeod pursues ways to perfect the firearm cleaning brush. Their efforts have resulted in countless improvements and innovations.

By working closely with our customers, we leverage advanced planning, design, engineering, production, and delivery processes for all of our brushes. It’s through these group efforts that our brush design innovation and breakthroughs happen. We are proud to employ the most skilled brushmakers in the industry. We work with customers to achieve desired results faster and with more accuracy. Our process often leads to new and exciting features and products.


“Sanderson MacLeod’s large-volume pricing discounts saved us a significant amount of money.”

“Sanderson MacLeod saved our on-time delivery record with the Federal Government.”

“With Sanderson MacLeod’s demand ‘pull’ system, we have parts when we need them.”

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