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Innovation &

Market leaders don’t just hope, they expect to be first.

First to discover a need…
First to find a unique solution…
And more importantly, first to market.

Sanderson MacLeod’s approach to innovation is more than just theoretical. Instead, we use a proven and structured system designed to help you turn creative ideas into profitable, repeatable and dependable brush solutions.


If Thomas Edison invented brushes, he’d have LOVED the Brush Innovation Center*

Sanderson MacLeod’s Brush Innovation Center (BIC) provides clients with unparalleled concept to production development capabilities. Established in 2015 and located at the company’s corporate headquarters in Palmer, MA, the BIC provides a perfect environment for ideas to be transformed into working prototypes. What normally takes weeks and months using traditional sampling and evaluation methods can be reduced to hours when working in the BIC.

*Actually, we’re glad Edison didn’t invent brushes. It’d be pretty hard lighting the BIC with only candles.

Sanderson MacLeod’s world-class team of brush makers,first-of-its-kind Brush Innovation Center, and Innovation Sprint program provides the expertise and resources needed to turn great ideas into reality—in record time.

When it comes to being the best not everyone gets a trophy.

We love working with clients who demand being numero UNO as much as we do.

Market leaders don’t just hope, they expect to be first. First to discover a need…First to find a unique solution…And more importantly, first to market.

Our clients are focused today on products their markets will need tomorrow. That’s why they choose only to work with proven partners like Sanderson MacLeod, capable of quickly developing and implementing innovative solutions.

Now, we can’t promise working with Sanderson MacLeod will get you the blue ribbon, but ask any of our customers and they’ll be the first to tell you our innovation assistance has been and always will be their greatest competitive advantage.

SanMac has a long history of being first…

FIRST to invent the mascara brush (1958)

FIRST to invent the ZTip™ (2014)

FIRST independent Brush Innovation Center (2016)

FIRST Inventory Optimization Network (2018)

Sanderson MacLeod understands successful and predictable innovation requires more than just a good idea…and we’ve put together the talent, processes, and resources to get it done.

Now, let’s discover how Sanderson MacLeod can help you start filling your company’s trophy case.