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Advances in Medical Device Sterilization

How and Why Healthcare Professionals are Adapting the Way They Care for Their Equipment  All medical devices require sterilization between use: Unfortunately for patients, not all medical devices receive adequate sterilization before they are used. Improper sterilization of medical devices, scopes and equipment can spread potentially life-threatening infections in hospitals and medical facilities. More recently, […]

The Risks of Improper Medical Device Sterilization

Improper medical device sterilization can potentially spread life-threatening infections in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. What is improper medical device sterilization? Media coverage over the past five years has frequently and clearly shown that improper sterilization of medical devices, scopes, and equipment has the potential to spread life-threatening infections in hospitals and medical facilities. More […]

Reducing the Risk of Endoscope Contamination with Antimicrobial Fiber Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

The twisted wire brush designers and engineers at Sanderson MacLeod continually pursue ways to perfect medical brushes, including anti-microbial endoscope cleaning brushes. Their efforts have resulted in countless improvements and innovations. Rigid Quality Control and adherence to tight customer design tolerances prove to be vital in today’s medical device cleaning environment. Through close collaboration with […]