Let’s face it… Developing twisted wire cosmetic brushes that stand out from all the others isn’t easy. We know your company’s success rides on your ability to set the stage for tomorrow’s hot product now. Such innovation requires a partner who can quickly and predictably apply part science, part artistry but 100% dedicated effort to your projects.

Hey, welcome to Sanderson MacLeod…It’s where you belong.

Since we invented the first twisted wire mascara brush back in 1958, Sanderson MacLeod’s been the world leader in the advancement of cosmetic brush research and development, custom automation and high volume production. As the only dedicated manufacturer of twisted wire brushes in the world, our exclusive focus is on advancing and perfecting the mass production of twisted wire brushes and assemblies.

Work with us, and we’ll show you a unique and proven approach to brush innovation that will simply amaze you. You’ll experience the patented processes, state of the art facilities, sampling resources and launch planning tools that have made Sanderson MacLeod the preferred cosmetic brush and assembly partner for the world’s largest cosmetic companies.

You may come to be glad your competition finds innovating mascara brushes isn’t easy… Sanderson MacLeod might just be the competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

VIDEO – Design Breakthroughs: Sanderson MacLeod’s Efforts in Perfecting Cosmetic Brushes

The Inventor of the Twisted Wire Mascara Brush

In 1959, Sanderson MacLeod designed and produced the first twisted wire mascara brush. Before brushes were used to apply mascara, a variety of other tools served the purpose, including machine screws. When a makeup artist had the idea to use a brush to apply mascara, Sanderson MacLeod was called upon. From those simple beginnings, the mascara brush was invented.

Since then, Sanderson MacLeod’s cosmetic brushes have been in the spotlight of design innovation. By leveraging the latest in design and manufacturing methodologies, our company has maintained its position as a world leader in cosmetic brush production.

Confidential Brush Sourcing Focused on Protecting IP

Sanderson MacLeod made the decision early on to manufacture only for OEM customers. This allows us to develop strong partnerships with customers, keep costs down, and invest in people, equipment, and technology to continually improve operations in terms of speed, quality, reliability, cost savings, and engineering design.

All of our design, manufacturing, and distribution happens at our plant in Palmer, Massachusetts. The driving factor for maintaining all production and operations in the United States is that we can meet exacting standards and manufacture the highest-quality twisted wire brushes on the market.

In-House Twisted Wire Brush Scientific Research and Design Capabilities

Advances in technology, automation, and computer-aided design and manufacturing have helped propel Sanderson MacLeod’s ability to deliver world-class products to our OEM customers. But being a world leader means constantly striving to do things better. That’s why we are proud to have dedicated a part of our plant to research and science.

In our one-of-a-kind laboratory, customers can work directly with Sanderson MacLeod’s design engineers on current and future brush designs. Those designs can then be rapidly put into production to help meet customers’ needs.

Rapid Virtual Prototyping with SanMac 3D
We turned to the software used by major motion picture animators to allow us to produce realistic renderings of design prototypes that can be easily modified. The SanMac 3D software is less expensive and faster than traditional sampling methods, letting us create virtual twisted wire brush designs that offer 360-degree visibility and industrialization feasibility testing prior to prototype build-outs. By using this method, we maximize design creativity while saving time, money, and unnecessary delays. This technology, combined with 60 years of experience and expertise, guarantees that development is quick, on budget, and ready for large-scale production.

The Sanderson MacLeod Difference

Sanderson MacLeod’s approximately 100 employees come to work every day committed to making the company the best twisted wire brush company in the world. That’s why so many major corporations have classified Sanderson MacLeod as “dock to stock” (eliminating incoming quality inspection) and have named the company “supplier of the year.” We work diligently to be not just a supplier, but also a trusted partner in the design, development, and sale of twisted wire brush products, saving customers money through customized inventory management and large-volume discounts.

A LEAN Manufacturing Company
One of the most compelling aspects of Sanderson MacLeod’s business is our dedication to LEAN Manufacturing. This philosophy allows us to produce twisted wire brushes more efficiently and effectively. Enhanced inventory control systems, product use analysis, and on-floor production optimization save our customers money in innovative ways. Sanderson MacLeod has been widely recognized as a LEAN Manufacturer, leading to awards such as Business of the Year, Employer of Choice, the Super 60 Award, and the coveted ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award.

Quality is paramount. Our FDA-compliant quality control department uses the latest metrology equipment, including the Nikon I NEXIV Vision system, which lets us conduct fast, accurate measurements on first-piece, in-process, and finished-good parts. Our quality control program also includes video-edge detection and automated statistical process control documentation to ensure fast, accurate, and demonstrably superior inspection capabilities.

Design Breakthroughs: Sanderson MacLeod’s Efforts in Perfecting Cosmetic Brushes

The twisted wire brush designers and engineers at Sanderson MacLeod pursues ways to perfect the cosmetic brush. Their efforts have resulted in countless improvements and innovations.

By working closely with our customers, we leverage advanced planning, design, engineering, production, and delivery processes for all of our brushes. It’s through these group efforts that our brush design innovation and breakthroughs happen. We are proud to employ the most skilled brushmakers in the industry. We work with customers to achieve desired results faster and with more accuracy. Our process often leads to new and exciting features and products.


“Sanderson MacLeod’s large-volume pricing discounts saved us a significant amount of money.”

“Sanderson MacLeod saved our on-time delivery record with the Federal Government.”

“With Sanderson MacLeod’s demand ‘pull’ system, we have parts when we need them.”

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