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[Featured Video] HeliXwing Conference Table Project

Bruce Rosenbaum of Modvic has never been known to pursue ordinary projects. In August 2018, his latest innovative venture was installed at its final location: The Brush Innovation Center (BIC) of Sanderson MacLeod Inc. Envisioned to be a fusion of Sanderson’s industrial past, innovative present, and groundbreaking future, Rosenbaum created a one-of-a-kind conference table to serve as the centerpiece for the company’s newly renovated BIC. M-Pact TV recently produced a video documenting the story of how this unique collaboration came to be. In it, they explain the origins of the table’s concept, how the table was made, and the final touches which led to the completion of the HeliXwing conference table.

The table is nearly 100{86fff9176df7dae354d5829d6a21a9cac1dae155d05f447306f9bfa827f3a396} fashioned from long-retired brush making tools, automation equipment, and industrial revolution era antiques found in the company’s warehouse and local flea markets. Its construction would ultimately involve an unusual collaborative team comprised of local students, teachers, artists, tradespeople, and Sanderson MacLeod toolmakers.

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