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Sanderson MacLeod at the Design-2-Part Trade Show

Sanderson MacLeod will exhibit at The Design-2-Part Job Shop Trade Show at The Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlborough MA, September 12 – 13, 2007 in Booth H-13.


The Design-2-Part Show is dedicated to contract design, parts, components and services.  This show focuses on outsourcing and manufacturing technologies in forming, fabricating, finishing, shaping, assembly, design, prototyping and engineering in order to help companies find the best manufacturing partners. 


Sanderson MacLeod is the leader in twisted wire brushes. In 1959, the company invented the mixed fiber twisted wire mascara brush. Today, still specializing solely in twisted wire, we serve every industry that needs twisted wire brushes; from 1 mm cytology brushes for the medical industry, to power deburring brushes, to brushes used in the automotive, industrial, household, and gun cleaning sectors.


Interested parties can register to visit The Design-2-Part Job Shop Trade Show at: http://www.design2partshows.com/registration