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[Press Release] Sanderson MacLeod Celebrates 60 Years of Innovative Manufacturing

Looking Ambitiously Towards the Future of Brushmaking

  • The past 60 years have seen Sanderson Macleod develop numerous industry-changing innovations such as the first twisted-wire mascara brush, the revolutionary Z-Tip, and Z-Tip+ technology
  • Continued focus on customer satisfaction and integration has served as a major motivation for company-wide LEAN Six Sigma implementation
  • The company expresses gratitude to its extremely loyal employees to which it owes the continued success


In 60 years, the twisted-wire brush industry has taken massive leaps forward. Consistently at the forefront of these advancements has been Sanderson MacLeod. Initially focused on catering to the cosmetic industry, Sanderson MacLeod has worked tirelessly to diversify its skillset into other markets. The past ten years have seen a dramatic increase in demand for other twisted-wire applications including medical sterilization and diagnosis, firearm cleaning and customer specific OEM cleaning and deburring products. When most companies sought to export operations in an attempt to reduce cost, Sanderson MacLeod remained committed to domestic manufacturing. These efforts included extensive automation investment and process driven LEAN manufacturing integration in their Palmer, Massachusetts facility.

“We really do have an inspiring blend of people, process, and technology. That’s the key to our continued success,” said company president, Mark Borsari. “Together, we’ve worked hard refining every aspect of our business. And, I think it shows when you consider not only our delivery and quality results, but in the way we can rapidly innovate products for the brush industry.”

For the company, innovation continues. In late 2017, Sanderson MacLeod proudly announced the expansion of their Brush Innovation Center. The center, often referred to as the BIC, first opened in 2015 and due to increasing demand was later expanded in July 2018. The center’s collection of dedicated sampling equipment allows for real-time prototyping of a brush or applicator products. Using Sanderson MacLeod’s expert engineering staff, changes and improvements can be made until the product is perfected. The expansion of the BIC allows Sanderson MacLeod to further establish itself as a global leader in twisted-wire brush manufacturing.

In the past decade, growth in new markets has allowed for further innovation in a variety of areas. In 2010, Sanderson patented the Z-Tip twisted-wire brush. The Z-Tip is produced using a manufacturing process that leverages high energy fusion welding technologies to melt a pre-constructed core wire section of a twisted-wire brush into a consistent, smooth and inseparable protective tip.

Sanderson MacLeod is a contract manufacturer specializing in domestically-produced twisted-in-wire products, including twisted-wire medical brushes, firearm cleaning brushes, cosmetic brushes, and general purpose cleaning brushes. Established in 1958, the company employs approximately 120 people and operates a modern 137,000 square foot facility in Palmer, MA.