Latest Automation Installation Further Advances Brush Maker Sanderson Macleod

Twisted-Wire Brush Leader Announces Completion of Phase II 

Leading twisted-wire brush manufacturer Sanderson Macleod announced today the second installation of a three-phase automation retooling effort has been completed—dramatically increasing the company’s capacity, efficiency and technical accuracy of automated part production.

Markets benefiting from proprietary automation include cosmetic, industrial, medical and OEM products requiring multi-part assembly. While these products vary drastically in terms of form and function, they are all produced with the same standards of quality and reliability that have come to be expected from Sanderson MacLeod.

This is the second phase of a multimillion-dollar automation initiative. Phase one (completed in 2018), included nearly a dozen internally engineered and built machines. This initial phase consisted of several new additions to the Sanderson MacLeod production line, including the Rosie II stylet machine which was designed to produce burr free, closed end style designs fully automatically.

“As a company we realize our clients expect our team to constantly be looking for ways to innovate and continue moving our processes forward. To remain a trusted partner, we must be proactive concerning new innovation and problem solving. We must focus on questioning the way things have always been done, and creatively find new approaches that change the playing field,” says Mark Borsari, President of Sanderson MacLeod.

“Our multiyear automation initiative is a perfect example…creating improved paths to increasing productivity, improving product quality and process reliability. Ultimately, we seek to create a twisted wire brush manufacturing facility that represents the best of future manufacturing that is safer, faster and more flexible. Our new automation lends itself to custom cell implementation which provides responsiveness to customer needs like never before.”

Phase II automation includes additional Z-Tip production lines, fully automated medical stylet manufacturing, protective and color marked brush tipping (the company’s new Z-Tip+) and industrial burr brush cells. 

Globally recognized for innovation and patented technology (including a recent attachment patent in June 2019) Sanderson MacLeod’s team of engineers and innovators possess knowledge passed down through generations of specialized brush makers. While other companies focus solely on producing products to meet demand, Sanderson MacLeod has long embraced the idea that tradition and innovation can coalesce into beautiful results.

Among the numerous advantages available to Sanderson’s business partners, some of the most important revolve around the ability to conduct on-site engineering, machining and fabrication. In fact, with the recent renovation of the Brush Innovation Center, the SanMac team is able to produce radical prototypes in hours instead of days or weeks.  

Sanderson’s existing three-part value proposition includes recent investment in Innovation, Automation, and Integration. Leveraging these innovation sprints with new and improved automation capabilities as well as individualized inventory optimization can save precious time on important product developments.

Sanderson MacLeod is a contract manufacturer specializing in domestically-produced twisted-in-wire products, including twisted-wire medical brushes, firearm cleaning brushes, cosmetic brushes and general purpose cleaning brushes. Established originally as Better Brushes in 1920,  the company employs approximately 120 people and operates a modern 137,000 square foot facility in Palmer, MA.