Sanderson MacLeod Dedicates Twisted Wire Brush Machine – “Rosie”

PALMER, MA May 2015.   On Tuesday, May 26th, 2015, Sanderson MacLeod held a Dedication Ceremony honoring Roselyn Noble.  We have nicknamed the new automatic stylet machine “Rosie” and installed a plaque on the machine with Rosie’s name, picture and dates of service to Sanderson MacLeod, Inc.  While this dedication has Rosie’s name on it, it is really a symbol of the dedication that all of the hard working employees of Sanderson MacLeod, Inc. have put in over the last 50+ years the company has been in business.  We would not be where we are today without their hard work.

Roselyn Noble, a Monson resident, retired from Sanderson MacLeod, Inc. after working nearly 50 years for the company. More commonly known as Rosie, Ms. Noble worked in a variety of capacities during her career at Sanderson MacLeod in the production of twisted-in-wire brushes. Some of which included the first twisted wire mascara brushes ever produced.



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