Sanderson MacLeod Hosts Red Cross Blood Drive

Twisted-Wire Brush Leader Hosts Red Cross Blood Drive and Exceeds Goals


  • Sanderson MacLeod hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive on June 27th, 2019
  • The event had an initial goal of 15 units, with 18 actually being donated
  • The Sanderson MacLeod staff donated enough blood during their blood drive to save 54 lives

For their first ever Red Cross blood drive, Sanderson MacLeod set some lofty goals. Little did they know their fantastic staff would not only match those goals, but raise the bar as well!

The initial mark was set at 15 units of blood, or approximately 45 lives saved. The Sanderson team went above and beyond, reaching a total of 18 units (or pints) of donated blood. This turned out to represent 120% of the initial goal, or 54 lives saved. 

The Red Cross aids over 100 million people each year through its extensive network, which includes 13 million volunteers throughout 187 countries. Although those numbers may seem staggering, they are made possible through grassroots efforts made by small communities such as Palmer, Massachusetts and companies such as Sanderson MacLeod. 

As a show of appreciation for those who donated, Sanderson also rewarded each donor with a Dunkin Donuts gift card as a token of thanks.