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Sanderson MacLeod Hosts Summer “Burger Wars”

Sanderson MacLeod Hosts Summer “Burger Wars”

 Twisted-Wire Brush Leader Turns Up the Heat with Cheeseburger Creation Competition 

  • Over the course of the Summer, SanMac will host four Burger War fridays, where employees are invited to try a uniquely created burger.
  • The Sanderson MacLeod management team will be creating and serving their own creations to each shift of employees, who then get to vote on which team they think made the best burger.
  • The event is part of an ongoing effort to make Sanderson MacLeod the most enjoyable place to work in the area, while showing appreciation to all of the hard working employees.

The dog days of summer are upon us in Palmer, Massachusetts. As a show of appreciation for all SanMac employees, four days during summer 2019 have been selected to host the brand new Burger Wars Competition. Throughout the summer employees will be treated to fresh cooked burgers—but there’s a catch. Each of the four days is run by a management team tasked with creating the best, tastiest and most innovative burger. At the end of the competition, employees will be asked to vote on which team they felt was the most accomplished pair of burger chefs.

With two teams left to compete, one on July 12th and the other on August 30th, victory appears to be no easy feat. To make sure every employee had a chance to participate, there are two times on each burger day for shifts to join in. From 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm- 5:00 pm, each shift gets to enjoy the employee appreciation garden and wait to get their own burger. 

In order to gain an edge over the competition, the management teams were tasked with coming up with the most creative renditions of burgers possible. So far the teams have not only created variations on the classics, but one team went out of their way to create all new burger sauces as well. While burgers are always a welcome addition to any workday, the Burger Wars event proves one of SanMac’s oldest philosophies—innovation is a mindset, one which can be applied to nearly every aspect of life…even grilling hamburgers.

Sanderson MacLeod’s history goes back nearly 100 years, and in that time they have perfected the art of domestically producing large-volume twisted-wire brushes. The twisted-wire brushes that the company manufactures are used for cosmetic applications, medical instrument cleaning, firearm and gun cleaning, and other industrial cleaning uses. In 2015, Sanderson MacLeod built and launched the Brush Innovation Center (BIC), where clients from around the world can visit and collaborate on complex brush projects in real time with expert brush designers and engineers.