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Palmer, MA, February 2016.  Sanderson MacLeod recently announced the purchase and integration of their new Haas TM1 Tool Room Mill. The company, a world leader in the development and production of cosmetic, medical, firearm and general cleaning twisted wire brushes, said the investment is consistent with their innovation and production business model.

“The Haas investment was made after a well developed feasibility presentation was made to management by our Tool Room Team,” said President Mark N. Borsari.

“We pride ourselves on being able to make and innovate new machines and components on site,” said Borsari. “Our ability to be responsive to customers’ needs and develop proprietary manufacturing tooling makes us special. I’m very proud of our talented team of toolmakers and machinists so ensuring Sanderson’s equipment keeps pace with their ever increasing capabilities will continue to be a priority.”

The Haas TM1 Tool Room Mill is a huge leap in machining capabilities over current systems. It is a “bed” mill, as opposed to “knee and column” mills currently in use at the company.  This essentially describes the foundation or construction of the machine…the bed mill being much more rigid and robust.  This rigidity lends itself to faster, more accurate machining with  improved finishes and greater longevity.

The TM1 is a full three axis machining center that is fourth axis-ready. To further improve productivity, it is equipped with a ten station automatic tool changer, which allows for nearly hands-free machining. The 6000 rpm motor and X, Y and Z travels of 30″, 12″ and 16″ respectively, far exceed present work centers. The .0001″ positional accuracy and repeatability minimizes the need for secondary, precision operations. In addition the entire work area is housed in a three-hundred-sixty-degree protective housing, both protecting the operator from chips and coolant while also making clean-up quick and easy.

“It may take some time to realize the potential of this machine, but will no doubt be a useful tool to help keep Sanderson Macleod on the forefront of brush making and development,” said John Dube, Master Toolmaker and manager of the Tool Room Team.

“I’ve expressed my gratitude to our executive team for not only acknowledging my request to have one of our mills either refurbished or replaced, but for having the vision to see the benefits of this and other capital purchases,” continued Dube. “Our ability to compete hinges on how aggressively we tool up for rapidly changing market demands. This latest purchase goes a long toward that end.”

For more information on this and other exciting projects happening at Sanderson MacLeod, visit www.sandersonmacleod.com.

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