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Sanderson MacLeod Introduces Anti-Microbial Fiber Medical Brushes

Sanderson MacLeod, the manufacturer of domestically produced twisted wire brushes, is introducing the use of anti-microbial fiber in their line of medical brushes.

Sanderson MacLeod manufactures large volume twisted wire medical brushes including disposable and reusable cytology brushes, endoscope cleaning brushes, interdental brushes, guide wires and medical stylets that will now include anti-microbial fiber. A constant threat in the medical world is microbial contamination of medical devices. Microbial contamination is when microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa are unintentionally introduced to a controlled area. This type of contamination can lead to both health threats and confounded research results.

By using anti-microbial fibers, Sanderson MacLeod’s brushes will now have increased protection from microbial contamination.

As Mark N. Borsari, President of Sanderson MacLeod stated, “the medical industry is being more and more scrutinized in terms of how they’re taking care of their patients, making sure that their equipment is lasting longer. People are realizing that small things such as a cleaning brush do have a major impact in the end result of the patient”.

The brushes are available in all common diameters and sizes. As expected, all medical brush products are made using FDA approved medical materials and are individually documented to ensure regulatory compliance. Also, the anti-microbial fiber medical brushes are available for all medical applications.

Sanderson MacLeod serves many of the largest medical companies in the world as a brush supplier; ensuring a cost efficient product for the right applications.