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Sanderson MacLeod & Medical Design Announce Webinar Broadcast

Profit Enhancing Medical Brush Advancements Highlighted


Sanderson MacLeod and Medical Design Magazine announced recently that the broadcast of their educational webinar “Beyond the Brush: Profitably Navigating Twisted in Wire Medical Brush Markets” will be aired May 29, 2008 at 2:00 pm EST.


According to Sanderson MacLeod’s Vice President of Strategy and Development Mark N. Borsari, “Beyond the Brush” is the first of an ongoing series of educational programming that will be offered by the company. “We realize that in order to be successful, we must proactively help our partners make informed purchasing and supply partner decisions,” said Borsari. “We’ve found the webinar format to be a convenient and effective way of doing so.” 


Created for organizations currently offering cytology brush, endoscopy cleaning brush and interdental brush products, the webinar highlights best practices in the medical brush manufacturing industry, design and engineering advancements, early views on the medical brush  R+D front, and more.   For more information regarding Sanderson MacLeod’s “Beyond the Brush: Profitably Navigating Twisted in Wire Medical Brush Markets”, visit www.sandersonmacleod.com or call 866-522-3481.


Sanderson MacLeod is a contract manufacturer specializing in twisted in wire products. The company employs approximately a 100 people and operates a modern 137,000 square foot facility in Palmer, MA.