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Sanderson MacLeod Pays Tribute to Linda Mitchell during a Retirement Farewell

On June 21st, Sanderson MacLeod employees past and present celebrated the retirement of one of their finest employees at Worcester’s Bocado Tapas Restaurant.  After 32 dedicated years, Linda Mitchell retired from the Palmer-based company that employs more than 100 local residents.  Starting out as a payroll clerk in 1981 and working her way to company management, Ms. Mitchell retires from Sanderson MacLeod as the Controller of the corporation.

In a recent interview, Linda had enthusiastic words to say about the company and its diverse collection of employees.  “The culture of the organization is very close”, Mitchell cited, “I think they are a terrific team.  People really work well together and the culture of making a quality product is very strong.  Everyone feels a lot of pride in being a part of it.”  Mitchell continued by discussing Sanderson MacLeod’s many local contributions, “As an employer we have a good reputation and our employees enjoy knowing that we support the local community.”

Mitchell, a life-long resident of the area also mentioned the changes she’s seen during her tenure with the company, “Over the 30 years I’ve seen Sanderson MacLeod progress into more computerized and automated systems that allow us to produce better products for our clients.  We’re all looking for ways to do things better and more efficiently.”  And as for the future of the company, Mitchell notes, “I think Sanderson MacLeod has a bright, bright future because of the ideas presented by the workforce and the ways we seek to make the twisted wire brush better.  Sanderson MacLeod’s future is huge and their new products are going to open new opportunities for the company. “

Mitchell displays immense amounts of pride for Sanderson MacLeod’s domestically produced products.  She suggests, “It’s important to us to have our product domestically produced, which allows us to support the local community, it allows us to provide jobs locally and we are proud that we are a US employer.”  Mitchell goes on to say, “Our customers stay with us and are loyal to us because they know we are making a product in the United States.”

In attendance at the retirement celebration were Sanderson MacLeod’s Owner and CEO, Eric Sanderson, former president Jm Pascale and current president, Mark Borsari.  The trio lauded Mitchell on her dedication and commitment to Sanderson MacLeod’s people, product, and progress.

The evening ended with Mitchell, herself, applauding all those around her with a slide show presentation that roasted many current employees.  It was all done in the spirit of good natured humor.

Sanderson MacLeod has proudly produced domestically made twisted wire brushes for more than 50 years. A leader in the market, the company employs more than 100 people in a state-of-the-art facility in Palmer, Massachusetts, USA, and utilizes a modern FDA compliant Quality Control Laboratory to ensure product quality.