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Sanderson MacLeod Pursues Eco-Friendly Alternatives

The eco-friendly movement can now count Sanderson MacLeod among its ranks. The 50-year-old domestically produced twisted-wire brush manufacturing organization can now add “green” to its impressive list of accomplishments.Mark Borsari, Sanderson MacLeod’s Vice President, has seen an increasing importance for large manufacturing firms, like Sanderson MacLeod, to become leaders in finding more sustainable ways to produce goods. “Sanderson MacLeod is one of the largest twisted-wire brush manufacturers in the world and by embracing eco-friendly alternatives in the lifecycle of our manufacturing process; we can have a dramatic impact on the reduction of our ‘carbon footprint’.” Borsari explains, “We are exploring and implementing green options where they make most sense. We’re looking at the entire manufacturing chain and are open to considering a range of options from reducing the power requirements of our plant to using organic, sustainable, biodegradable, or ethically sourced materials.”

“This isn’t a trend,” Borsari continues, “this is the way manufacturing is being done now. It’s responsible. We believe that other manufacturing organizations are beginning to see the value in implementing green alternatives. The end result is a more earth-conscious product.”

Sanderson MacLeod is a contract manufacturer specializing in twisted wire brushes. The company employs approximately 100 people and operates a modern 137,000 square foot facility in Palmer, Massachusetts. For more than 50 years, Sanderson MacLeod has been the source of twisted-wire brushes for some of the largest companies in the world.