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Sanderson MacLeod’s Z-Tip is nominated for the ABMA Innovation Excellence Award.

Sanderson MacLeod’s Z-Tip is a revolutionary new protective brush tip for twisted wire brushes.  The company has a patent pending on the invention and is manufacturing the Z-Tip for endoscopic cleaningbrushes and cytology brushes. Sanderson MacLeod developed the Z-Tip to create a smoother, safer and stronger protective tip; because traditional methods, such as molded and acrylic tips; can cause problems like scratching, scarring and detachment of the tip from the brush.   In setting out to find a better way to solve these problems, Sanderson MacLeod searched beyond the brush industry and found the answer in material joining engineering.  As a result of many rounds of research, trials and testing; the company devised a new manufacturing process using high energy fusion welding technologies.  As a result, the company is able to melt a pre-constructed core wire section of a twisted wire brush into a consistent, smooth and inseparable protective tip – the Z-Tip.
You can read the full ABMA announcement.