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Sanderson MacLeod’s Z-Tip Wins Innovation Excellence Award

Palmer, MA, USA – Sanderson MacLeod’s patent pending Z-Tip has won the American Brush Manufacturers Association’s William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award for 2011. The award is given to recognize outstanding innovation in any manufactured product, component or service in the brush industry.

The patent-pending Z-Tip is a revolutionary new way of putting a protective tip on a twisted wire brush. Recognizing that traditional medical brush tips have flaws that lead to scratching, scarring and poor performance, Sanderson MacLeod created a new manufacturing process using high energy fusion welding technologies to melt a pre-constructed core wire section of a twisted wire brush into a consistent, smooth and inseparable brush tip, called the Z-Tip.

According to David C. Parr, Executive Director of the ABMA, “We are delighted to present the 2011 ABMA William Cordes Innovation Excellence Award to Sanderson MacLeod. The “Willie” recognizes outstanding industry innovation and has become quite sought after and prestigious. The award is named after William Cordes, who served as the Association’s first President from 1917 to 1928. This award serves as a constant reminder that all new and exciting endeavors have beginnings that connect with real people.”

The company is currently marketing the Z-Tip to the medical industry for endoscopic cleaning brushes and cytology brushes which must have smooth protective tips in order to protect sensitive and expensive equipment and to ensure proper cell collection and patient safety.

Carlos R. Petzold, Chair of the ABMA’s Public Relations Committee and the Selection Committee for the Award, said, “The ABMA Innovation Award competition is a great opportunity for companies to showcase their innovative products, components and services to the industry and to the larger audience served by customers, users and consumers. It gives the greater industry a wonderful opportunity to see just how innovative, creative and vibrant we are as brushmakers.”

Mark F. Godfrey, ABMA Past President and also a former recipient of the Innovation Excellence Award, added, “In this competitive world economy, innovation is one of the critical keys to success. Being a recipient of this award lifts a company into rarified air and bestows a mantle of accomplishment to drive the company forward.”

“We are honored to win this award,” said Mark N. Borsari, President of Sanderson MacLeod. “We searched beyond the brush industry to solve the problems with traditional medical brush tips and found our answer in material joining science. We knew we had something pretty special, and we are extremely pleased to be recognized by the ABMA for our efforts.”

Sanderson MacLeod is the only brush manufacturer that specializes solely in twisted wire brushes, and for more than 50 years, has been the source of twisted wire brushes for some of the largest companies in the world. The company has a long history of innovation, including the distinction of inventing the first twisted wire mascara brush. Sanderson MacLeod employs more than 100 people in a state-of-the-art facility in Palmer, Massachusetts and utilizes a modern, FDA compliant Quality Control Laboratory to ensure product quality.