Sanderson MacLeod Announces Sharp Increase In BIC Visits

Following Renovation Efforts, SanMac’s Brush Innovation Center Records Record Number of Client Visits

Palmer, Massachusetts:

During the construction of Sanderson’s initial Brush Innovation Center, it quickly became clear that this would be a space like no other. The goal of the project was to provide a state-of-the-art facility to strengthen design, development and production capabilities of SanMac partners. Following the re-opening of the newly renovated BIC in Summer ‘18, Sanderson experienced a notable rise in the number of client visits. In 2019 the BIC recorded an increase of 300{86fff9176df7dae354d5829d6a21a9cac1dae155d05f447306f9bfa827f3a396} visits, resulting in a record number of development projects being completed between SanMac and their clients. 

First opened in 2015, the original Brush Innovation Center (BIC), was designed with innovation and development directly in mind. Realizing the value of this space, SanMac began an ambitious expansion and renovation project in early 2018. Following nearly six months of construction, the new BIC offered clients the ability to rapidly turn concepts into products with more quality and higher production capability than ever before. 

Featuring the most modern prototyping tools in the industry, SanMac’s BIC can help turn concepts into viable products in a span of mere hours. Once inside, clients have at their disposal high-tech video and communication systems, libraries of proprietary material and knowledge as well as brand new 3D printing and sampling machines. 

Coupled with SanMac’s world class team of engineers and designers, these aspects of the BIC help reduce development limitations while also opening up opportunities never before available in the industry. Those traveling to Palmer, MA to visit the facility will also find a brand new conference room, cafe and a dedicated office space. 

As the Sanderson team continues to experience growth in their innovation and development sector, efficiency, innovation and productivity will continue to be a major focus. Forecasts predict an even busier year at the Brush Innovation Center in 2020, promising even more impressive feats of collaboration and development in the time to come.