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SanMac Team Brings the Feel of the Tropics with Employee Appreciation Luau

SanMac Team Brings the Feel of the Tropics with Employee Appreciation Luau

Twisted-Wire Brush Leader Honors Past and Present Employees

  • Sanderson Macleod Revamps Employee Awards Banquet with Luau Theme
  • Retirees Were Given the Opportunity to Tour the Updated Facility
  • Career Milestones Ranged from 5 to 40 years

As a company, it’s always special to be able to celebrate the achievements of our employees. In past years, this has been done in part through the annual Service Awards Banquets, where employees could gather and celebrate their career milestones. 

This year, Sanderson MacLeod wanted to try something new. While the annual Service Awards Banquets have always been fun, they were scrapped this time around. In its place, SanMac decided to come up with something truly unique and special, bumping the fun up a notch or two. 

September 6th, 2019 set the stage for the first Sanderson MacLeod Employee Appreciation Luau. Set to the theme of a tropical Hawaiin Luau, the event featured food catered by Elegant Affairs, frozen drinks, music, laughter and a very special group of employees (past and present.) 

Nearly thirty former employees and guests were included in the event, joining the company for an amazing afternoon of facility tours, music, great food and special recognition. Incredibly, the career milestones ranged from five to forty years of dedicated service to the company. 

For SanMac retirees, this was the first time they were able to experience for themselves the incredible improvements that the company has worked so hard over the past few years to implement. Among these new features are the newly updated and improved Brush Innovation Center, a completely redesigned and renovated front office space, and massive automation enhancements on the production floor.

As a company which owes everything to its amazing employees, events like the SanMac Employee Appreciation Luau are a perfect way to recognize and show thanks to the special people who make the continued growth and success of the company possible.