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Congrats to Our Recent TWIST Program Students!

Today marks an impressive conclusion for this “Semester” of the Sanderson MacLeod TWIST Program. Please join us in a huge shoutout to this year’s phenomenal students, flanked by three Alumni of Pathfinder Tech: Jody, Chris, and Harrison (who we have shamelessly stolen to join our ranks throughout the years).
When this year’s TWIST Program team set out on their mission to reprogram one of the company’s automatic twisting machines, we thought it was almost TOO lofty of a goal. Well..the crew at SanMac is never shy to admit when they are wrong, but we are always happy to report good news; the students hit this one out of the park.
Without boring you on the details of moving to sensor relays from rolling switches, lots of on-the-fly learning of ladder logic and PLC programming, and some technical jargon that would make most peoples’ heads spin…all we can say is that we are more and more impressed with the talent being developed at Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School each year.
On behalf of the SanMac team, we could not be more proud of these four students and the work that they have done so far, and we are incredibly excited to see what paths lie ahead of them.