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SanMac Goes Into The Wild

SanMac Brushes find a New Purpose Studying Rocky Mountain Carnivores The Canada Lynx is Just One of the Focal Species Involved in this Study It’s not every day that Sanderson MacLeod gets the opportunity to support environmental research and conservation efforts—so when we were approached in 2020 with a special request for .30 cal gun […]

Sanderson MacLeod Announces Sharp Increase In BIC Visits

Sanderson MacLeod Announces Sharp Increase In BIC Visits Following Renovation Efforts, SanMac’s Brush Innovation Center Records Record Number of Client Visits Clients continue to utilize this state-of-the-art facility to explore and develop twisted wire brush concepts The Sanderson MacLeod Brush Innovation Center (BIC) offers a collaborative space for companies aiming to work with industry leading […]

[Featured Video] HeliXwing Conference Table Project

Bruce Rosenbaum of Modvic has never been known to pursue ordinary projects. In August 2018, his latest innovative venture was installed at its final location: The Brush Innovation Center (BIC) of Sanderson MacLeod Inc. Envisioned to be a fusion of Sanderson’s industrial past, innovative present, and groundbreaking future, Rosenbaum created a one-of-a-kind conference table to […]